How to Have a Healthy Warm Weather Vacation


How to Have a Healthy Warm Weather Vacation

June 30th, 2014

Warmer weather is finally here. Now is the perfect time to plan that vacation or special trip you’ve been thinking about. Going on holiday for spring break or summer vacation is a time for mental and physical relaxation. But many times, vacations can lead to some unhealthy habits including greasy foods, an overabundance of alcohol, too much sun exposure and sedentary activities.

I am a strong advocate of an 80/20 approach to an Inclusive Health® lifestyle. Your diet should consist 80 percent of great, healthy nutritious foods, and 20 percent should be more flexible—foods you love regardless of whether they are “good for you.” The “20” is very important and, in many ways, is what helps keep life enjoyable, making the “80” easier to maintain. To help you preserve that ratio when on vacation, here are a few easy ways to enjoy a healthy holiday:

  1. Enjoy the scenery. Instead of renting a car or hopping in the nearest taxi, try walking to some of your destinations. Use this time to sightsee and take in the local scenery around you. After all, vacations are about exploring new and unfamiliar places. You will benefit from the combination of joyful exploration and exercise.
  2. Everything in moderation. Many travelers often think that just because it is a special occasion, they can splurge at every meal. I encourage everyone to splurge now and again and treat yourselves to things that you enjoy, but not at the expense of eliminating all the healthy foods that keep your cells strong and youthful. What fruits and vegetables are native to the area you are visiting? Those may prove to be treats worth savoring as well.
  3. Stay hydrated. Being on vacation can often dehydrate the body due to being out in the sun for an extensive amount of time. Be sure you are not only drinking water throughout your vacation, but that you are also enjoying water-rich foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, coldwater fish, and nuts.
  4. Active Adventures. You probably didn’t decide to go on vacation to stay in your hotel room all day. Choose activities that not only allow you to see the sights, but also require mental and physical stimulation. Take advantage of your new surroundings and plan a hike or walking tour.
  5. Pack a cooler. Be prepared and pack a cooler or a backpack full of healthy snacks. Having dried fruit, healthy granola bars and celery sticks for on-the-go munching will help give your body the boosts it needs.

Article by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a world renowned skincare expert and founder of the Inclusive Health movement.